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EXO: Everybody Hates Kris - Chanyeol

part 3 of my everybody hates kris series, in which kris is the most annoying cockblock to ever exist.

"Ready?" Chanyeol asked, sliding a disc into his Wii.

You shrugged. “Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.”

"Come on, Mario Kart isn’t that hard. Even Kyungoo can play it!"

"Playing it is one thing…" you muttered, "but being good at it is a whole other deal."

"Don’t worry!" Chanyeol beamed, ruffling your hair a bit. "You’ll be fine. And it was your idea in the first place." He picked up his remote and pressed the start button.

"I guess."

"One more thing."

You raised an eyebrow. “What?”

"I call Mario."

"You suck!" you teased, pushing him lightly. "You should be Waluigi."

"Huh? Why?"

"You’re both tall and skinny and have creepy smiles."

Chanyeol rolled his eyes. “Come on, let’s just start already.”

After twenty or so rounds of Mario Kart, you were finally starting to get the hang of things. You had lost every race except the first one, but…

"GO!" you shouted, even though you knew it was useless, "Park Chanyeol, I am so gonna beat you!”

"In your dreams! You can’t—YAH!"

All of a sudden, the screen went black. The two of you looked up, only to find Kris standing next to the TV, cord in hand.

"Whoops guys, looks like I tripped. Sorry about that. Not really."


gdi kris don’t ruin their fluffy moments!

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